Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tribal Living

Man, I'm such a lame blogger. Sorry my entries can't be as thoughtful as Becca's or as witty as Phil's. I don't even have cool pictures like Sarah. Alas, such is life.

I've been thinking a lot about life lately. I was talking through my week with Summer last night & realized how much thinking time I have. I mean, really. Who has that? About a month ago Krystal (mother of 2 boys, 3 and 1) was expressing her frustration toward not having time to think as a busy mother. I understand her frustration to some extent, having familiarized myself to the job of motherhood. But the reality is that I'm only a part-time mom (in perspective), and she is a full-time mom.

One of my favorite parts of the day is from about 7:40 to 8am. During this little block of time I'm driving--by myself--from Chatsworth back to Stevenson Ranch. Sometimes if there's traffic I'll turn on a podcast or listen to a sermon. Sometimes I'll listen to music (lately, Bebo's Christmas album). And every once in a while I'll call mom during that time. But most of the time I drive in silence. And I think.

I distinctly recall sometime last week thinking, basically complaining, to the Lord:
"Lord! When can I get to the mission field? All I want is to live among nonbelievers and preach the gospel to them, holding their salvation in prayer to You."

I shut right up after I thought about what I was thinking. That's exactly where He so intricately has me right now! I am not in a land that is foreign to me (though sometimes LA can feel like it), and I have many friends who are close by. Not to mention having my church family mere minutes away. I've been compiling a list of similarities between tribal living and my job now:

  • nonbelievers

  • helping raise children

  • dependant upon the Lord, daily

  • shedding tears

  • missing my family

  • living among them

  • no more "personal" time

  • literally giving up my life for them

  • providing for their basic needs (and then some...)

  • under authority

  • partners in the ministry (Kara, Bible Study, roommates, etc.)

  • learning new survival skills

  • time management

  • self motivation

  • chronological teachings

Last night Claire even told me that she wants to be a Christian. !! This will take time, of course. We're not all about "praying the prayer" for assurance of salvation in this tribe. Her faith will be tested over time and our conversations pertaining to salvation will, no doubt, be interrupted. Such as living among a tribe would be. It's just a different tribe than I had envisioned. Good thing that God knows best. :) Maybe if I can get them to comply, I'll take pics of the kids in tribal gear...

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Tamsen said...

Your family misses you too! I love the fact that you are in LA, but for very selfish reasons. :D