Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Confessions of a Christmas Chorus Consumer

I was hanging out with a friend on Saturday night and they admitted that they started listening to Christmas music already. I just laughed and looked at them dead-on replying, "I started last week."

If you know me at all, you know that Christmas music is on the "Recently Played" list on my iPod--year round. I used to be one of those who held out for Thanksgiving to come around before listening to Christmas music. Then I learned. I learned that Christmas music (GOOD Christmas music) is amazing! It's good for an every-day pick-me-up, encouragement to fellow brothers and sisters, and there's no good reason to hold that back 10 months out of the year!

Well, friends, I must admit that my favorite Christmas song OF ALL TIME is "O Holy Night." Ok, not much of a confession. BUT my favorite favorite version of this song is recorded by N'SYNC. Yes, you heard me right. N'SYNC. Now there's a confession. This version is so good that I guarantee you that you won't regret downloading/purchasing it. Go for it.

This year has been no different; I listen to selected Christmas songs year-round. O Holy Night by N'SYNC is among them. Needless to say, I was really excited to see one morning in Starbucks that Josh Groban has a Christmas album out this year. Alas, I did not want to pay $20 for it at Starbucks when I was sure to find it at another larger department store. So I set out to the bookstore where I had credit to.

As I was browsing the favorite Christmas albums at the bookstore I turned to check out and saw hiding low on a shelf the Christmas album recorded by Bebo Norman. He's definitely not as well-known as Mr. Groban, but good, nonetheless.

I thought to myself:
Oh, Bebo!
I haven't heard him in a while.
Since the CD is on sale for only $11, why not?
Bebo is good and Christmas is good. Together, they've gotta be good!
So, I buy the Bebo Norman Christmas CD also.

Of course I pop Josh's album in first.
It's pretty typical, I must admit. After a few songs I got bored (not that it's not quality, but I personally think that it lacks a bit of personality). So I put Bebo's CD in. Ahhhh, it was so refreshing!

Reasons I like Bebo's Christmas CD:
#1 and #3 are my personal favorites
his voice is quite pleasant to listen to
he plays his own guitar, which is doubly impressive
he focuses on worshipping the Lord throughout the CD
there are typical Christmas songs recorded, but not the annoying ones
the CD was quickly snaked by Summer and has been passed around our group of friends
it was on sale at the bookstore

I highly recommend the purchase to add to your Christmas collection. It's worth the investment. Actually, I listened to it for a total of 2 days and haven't seen it since (I wonder who has it now...). I didn't even have time to load it on my computer!

Visit Bebo's website here and taste it for yourselves!

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