Saturday, August 4, 2007

Blessings "in Disguise"

I have recently been reminded that the events in my life that I see as "crosses" or "hard times" should truly be seen as huge blessings. I was thinking about the phrase/concept of "blessings in disguise" yesterday. Ahh, the beauty of it all. The Lord puts things in our life--all the time--to be blessings to us. This could be financial security, a nice family, a lovely day at work, etc. But how are those events or things any more of a blessing than the traffic jam we get stuck in, or the miscarried child, or waiting on a relationship to happen? Just because the first set of events are more comfortable and enjoyable, they are considered "blessings?"

Sometimes we find out later why God might have "allowed us to go through" unpleasant events. Because an airplane flew into the office building while you were still stuck in the traffic jam. Or because the young woman who endured the miscarrage is only 14 years old. And perhaps you find out later that the man you want so badly to pursue you needed a few more years to grow in his relationship with the Lord (as did you). These are what we all--Christian or nonChristian--think of as "blessings in disguise." But why? Why would God disguise a blessing from His children? Would it not be more glory to Him that we recognize these more difficult times as blessings from Him?

I dare to propose that we have become blind to His blessings. We prefer our own comfort and reputation over God's sovereignty and glory. I am not without fault by any means. Clearly, I am seeing various situations in my life through my own lenses of preference, seeing and seeking what I want over what the Lord requires of me. I think we can all use a little divine help in seeing every single event in life as a divine blessing.

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