Sunday, May 13, 2007

PNG and then...Uganda...with the parents?!

Yet again this post is missions-related. Recently I've been thinking about where else I would like to visit with the purpose of exploring career mission work possibilities. Uganda is the pick of the year. Sometimes I feel guilty for thinking about where to go next since I haven't even gone to the first place yet. (Only 8 more days!) The discussion came up at the dinner table tonight. Dad was saying how he was bummed to not have met Tatlock at graduation on Friday night, and then he asked if Tat has kids. "Why yes," I said, "he has two of his own, a daughter from China, and is going to Uganda in a few days to, Lord willing, be in court over the adoption of a brother and sister pair from Uganda." Dad's eyes got big and he got that excited look on his face. It was pretty cool. Then Dad asked more about adopting kids from Uganda so I told him about the Gunderson's recent experiences and how pretty much anyone at Master's is hooked up with the Hurleys there. Then I was telling them about my own curiosity about Uganda and the recent thinking through of visiting the Hurleys next summer. Dad was full of "um-humh's" and "okay...s." Then I asked, "If I do go, would you want to come with?" I think that question really threw him off, because he was pretty much speechless (anyone who knows my dad knows that this is not like him at all). Here is a summary of the rest of the convo:
D "With you?"
K "Yes."
D "Me and your mom?"
K "Oh, sure. Why not?"
D "Hmmh. We'll have to think about that one. When are you thinking of going?
K "Oh I don't know. I'll have to be in contact with the Hurleys for starters, and then see when TMC is sending their team out."
D "Well, Uwe [his German brother] is coming in July, and Megan will have Cal Poly orientation sometime in August or September, so we would have to squeeze it in in June?'
K "I'll do some research and we'll talk about it further."
D (to mom) "Could you do it all over again?" [in reference to adopting children]
M "It would be more like ...blah blah ... because we already know the majority of how to do it."
K "Well, when Adam, Eric and Jeff went last year, I'm pretty sure they went primairly for the pupose of exploring ministry opportunities in the country."
Whaddya know? God might be planting seeds of opportunities for my parents and/or I to go to Uganda next summer. !! Seven years ago, I would laugh at this idea. Our God is crazy wonderful! Small disclaimer: for those of you who read this blog and I don't even realize it (Uncle Roger & Aunt Khym, Sharon, etc.), there are no plans thus far, and we're just thinking and praying through it at this point. Heck, maybe I'll be cannibalized in PNG and everything will change. Not that I'm hoping for it or anything, but we have to keep in mind the work of our sovereign Lord. The disclaimer is so that rumors aren't started: "Jayma, did you hear that Mary is going to Uganda?" or "Dad, what do you know about Steve and Mary going to Uganda?" Just FYI: these are only thoughts at this point. Thanks for helping me out. :)
As PNG nears, pray for health. I contracted Laryngitis last week during finals (though I had no exams myself) and have been ill for 9 days now. I have a week to get better. It should all be good as I learn to depend on the Lord in new ways.


Maria said...

Hurrah for UGANDA!!! I won't start any rumors Katey, but I can definitely say if you do get to go and want to go up north to Lira and/or see IDP camps I can hook you up. ~Praying hard....

Becca said...

kate, that is AWESOME! and i'll be praying for patience and endurance and a good attitude with the laryngitis (sp!?!). :)