Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm Coming Home!!

Watch out Sacramento--I'm coming home!
Many would expect me to write somewhat about graduation that takes place in less than 10 hours, or perhaps some reflections on this past semester and/or year. Quite frankly, I am surprised that I am not writing of such things. The reality is that I'm just ready. Ready for:
- no more dorm life
- living with my family again
- the beauty of NorCal
- rest
- grad school to start
- visiting my home church
- being with old friends
- sitting on the front deck in the morning with my Bible
- spending time with Tamsen
- reflecting and thoughtfulness about this past year
- journaling
As I spend last hours here at Master's, this is what I'm going to miss:
- Summer and the capacity in which we have grown close
- all the girls I've had on my wing: Erica, Angela, Melissa, April, Katie, Jessica, Anna, Paula H., Paula K., Whitney, Brittany, Ellie, Gwen, Jenn M., Jenn W., Natalie, Stacey, Joy, Lexi, Jenny, Lindy, Caitlin, Brooke, Kelley, Shelsy
- being roommates with Stacey Cherry
- living next door to Dave & Tricia
- being under the leadership of our Dean Staff
- chapel three times a week
- spending weeknights with Kara
- lounge duty (just kidding!)
- the brother RA's: Christian, Robby & T-Bone
- running to the gate
- excellent classes, especially with Dr. Baker
- random dorm life like mattress surfing with 3rd floor boys & dorm war with Hotchkiss
I have nothing else to say. If you are in Sac next week, give me a holler and we'll have to hang out. Otherwise, I'll catch you on the flip-side.


Becca said...

congrats on finishing well! maybe see you tonight! :)

khymw said...

Congratulations on your graduation - what a phenomenal accomplishment! We'll be thinking of you on your special day....


Aunt Khym and Uncle Roger