Wednesday, April 11, 2007

the new look

Hi friends. Yes, I have changed the look of the blog. The dark colors were getting hard for my old eyes to read. Maybe some of you can relate. I was also exploring some other good blogs and decided that I like the browns better than the blues. Not that all this is necessary or anything...just to satisfy some curiosity out there (namely, Summer's).

On another note, I am meeting with Tatlock this afternoon to discuss further PNG agendas: support raising, contacts, travel itinerary, etc. There has been no word from either of the Busers yet, so things are still up in the air as far as where I will be June 29 through July 19. Maybe Tat has some insight. I'll let y'all know when more info is available.

I've been reading through Gunner's blog and his and Cindi's time in Uganda with Judah and all else involved. Reading his words makes me so excited for PNG! I had lunch with the lovely Rachel Smith yesterday (she's our secretary for Student Life, even though her official title states otherwise). Sitting at the DTR tables over a meal in the caf create for some of the best conversations (even if you're not DTR-ing). At one point we were discussing what it looks like to obey the Lord in the area of being sent as a missionary, and what it looks like especially for single women like us. She has a passion for Bible translation as well, and it was so neat to hear her words and testimony of why she is not in the Bible translation field now, and why she doesn't think that's where the Lord is leading anymore, even though it's still a passion of hers. It was such an encouragement. I look foward to more times with Rachel.

On the mission side of things, thank you to all who are praying and who have been led to support this trip financially. I am greatly indebted to you all. Plans are coming along just fine. It's hard to believe that I am supposed to leave from LAX in less than a month! It seems like so many big things have to happen first, and I must admit that PNG is not always the first thing I think about every day. First there's the Senior Comp exam to pass. It takes place on the morning of April 24th, if you remember to pray. I have to pass it in order to graduate, and it's an exam of 18-19 essay question about the Bible. All the potential questions are accessible, and I have been studying for weeks now. Needless to say, I pretty much have to know the Bible. An example of some of the questions are:
- outline Genesis, Daniel and Romans
- give biblical and extrabiblical support for a young earth, universal flood
- identify over 40 theological terms
- define the Documentary Hypothesis (authorship of the Pentateuch)
- present the gospel message (harder than you think)
- explain the classic rational arguments used to defend the existence of God
- compare and contrast various views of church gov't
These are only some of the many questions. I am confident in the Old and New Testament sections, so these next two weeks will be focused on Systematic and Practical Theology.
Then after Senior Comp is over, there's graduation! Woo Hoo! Graduation thoughts are bitter-sweet, and I should write more about that later.
Then I have to go home, unpack, and repack. After about 10 days at home in Sacramento, I will fly from Sac to LA and meet up with the rest of the kids going to PNG from the states. We have a 24-hour team-building time in LA (Manhattan beach bonfire included) and then we leave the next morning! I'll leave PNG on July 19 and come back to LA on July 20, then catch a connecting flight back up to Sac.

Sorry today is so random...I wasn't really expecting to post much at all, but now it's a done deal. BTW, feel completely free to post comments if you have questions or anything of the sort. I would love to clarify anything that might be confusing!

Have a wonderful day, friends.

PS-I realized I never told you the outcome of the computer proficiency exam. I passed! Yay.

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