Monday, April 9, 2007

More Yosemite

Saw Dave in chapel this morning and all I could think was, "Dave! I miss you!" It's true...we had such a blast! In honor of our dorm staff team here in CDub, here are more beautiful pictures of us all. Plus, I know the fam can't wait to see them.

When we first got to Yosemite we stayed in cabins at a camp just north of the park. (We stayed there because we got there at about 12:30am on Friday morning. Who wants to set up camp then?) Tricia, Dave, Robby, Monique and I got up early in the morning and went to go scout out a campsite actually in the park. Monique had never been camping, so we had to give her the experience. This is Monique and I in the car waiting for the rest of the gang. Can you tell how tired we were?

Above we have me, Summer and Monique getting ready to leave for the hiking adventures of the day! This picture was taken at our campsite (isn't it beautiful?) as we were packing up lunch and all that fun jazz. We actually got the group camp site that was away from the other people and right next to the river. It was great.

Here we are: me, Bri, Summer and Monique with the beautiful Yosemite backdrop. This was before the adventures began.

Monique really likes taking pictures (can you tell?) so here we are again: me, Christian and Monique. T-Bone sneaked in the background of this one.

About 1/2 way up to the 600 stairs I was leading the way and saw this rock protruding into the trail. I turned around and held onto it as I yelled, "It's okay, Dave! I got the rock!" So Dave then wanted to help the scene and T-Bone posed as we took the picture. Good thing Dave and I were there to rescue T-Bone from the falling rock.

So after we climbed the 600 stairs and were ready to head back down the mountain, we partook in a little snack of oranges. This is Bri and me making orange smiles. We were extremely excited to be heading back down.

The boys posed for their CD cover here at Emerald Pools.

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