Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jan, the one-woman panel

This morning was Youth Sunday at church. The youth groups took over "big church" or main service and ran the Sunday morning worship services! In the context of CoC, this means that our youth band (Rob, Andrew, John, Kayla, Anna, Kristen and I) leads the congregation in worship through music, and the kiddos--junior high and high school--sing as a choir on stage with us. Then Roger delivered an awesome message from Luke 13:1-9. It was titled, "Right with God, Ready for Anything." He referenced the events that took place at VTech on Monday as well as other life situations. Rog also talked about living in light of eternity. It was such a good reminder of true repentance and change, for the purpose of being right with God and thus ready for anything that happens in life.

Now moving on to another post about MHBS (Margrave Home Bible Study, after our leaders: Eric & Jeanene Margrave). We had another fabulous night at Jan's, of course. There were only 10 of us total this week, which seemed like a drastic difference from our record attendance last week. Regardless, it was good and we learned a lot digging deeper into Rog's sermon and edifying one another.

Becca, Maria and I went to Jan's early tonight. As we were leaving last week, we had the thought that we wanted to know Jan better, to sit at her feet and learn from what the Lord has done in her life. So tonight we went early to Bible Study and did just that! We asked her questions about her childhood, years in college, early marriage and how the Lord brought her from Souix City, Iowa to Santa Clarita, California. By the time for treats and testimonies (that was for you, Robby) after Bible study, she expressed to us how much she enjoyed chatting and we set up another time to get together! We were pretty much Titus 2-ing it up. It was kind-of humorous because we told her how much we had just learned about her, and her reply was that we barely knew anything thus far! I will think about lessons that I learned from Jan tonight and post it later (Lord willing). In the meantime, be thankful for and take advantage of time you can spend with those who are older and wiser than you.

Senior Comp is on Tuesday from 9am-12noon. I will be hiding away in my room until then. Pray if you remember!!

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Amanda said...

i miss you. i love getting to read little bits of your life. now i can pretend im actually a part of yours.
youre encouraging.