Monday, April 23, 2007

Foreign Plane

Just saw Angela in the bathroom and she said that there is a foreign plane in our area that is unchartered. There are a ton of helicopters outside. Interesting to think about. My reply was, "well, maybe we'll be bombed and all die. I wouldn't mind going to heaven right now." Angela chucked nervously and said, "don't say that."

Makes me really think about what's important at the moment.

Maybe it's just someone who is lost. Maybe not.

I'll keep updates as I hear more.


Amanda said...

how upsetting would it be if you were just lost flying around L.A. and then the stinking FBI gets all crazy on you. poor lost pilot man... show him Jesus, Kate... and give him a map home.
I LIKE YOUR FACE! A LOT! I just made thank you notes for Africa... Im not gonna lie- theyre cute.
Yes Im going home between grad and Africa but only for like a week. Infact... my party (grad/africa) is June second... 11-4. be there with you two younger sisters, please. tell me more about your life and your friend angela.

Kenny Hood said...

I know, I spent hours on that thing. Hours I tell you. If you have a better one, I'll use it :)