Monday, March 12, 2007

What is love without much risk?

I stole the title from song lyrics by Bethany Dillon. Her words have been heavy on my heart these past few days. I wrote last Wednesday about the PNG visa only being valid only until July 19. On Thursday afternoon I met with the missionaries I am supposed to be staying with after the Interface program, the Swansons. We started out talking about my extended stay, and how it is not going to be possible with the Swansons or their tribe. There are very wise reasons behind this, and again, I am driven to trust in the Lord. What more could I ask for? There are a couple of more contacts being made as you are reading this, so be sure to check back for new updates.

I was SOO encouraged by converstaion and time together with the Swansons (if you are reading this--thank you, again). I walked back up the hill afterwards in tears--not because I was sad about not being able to stay with them--but because of their heart for unreached people in PNG. Christ's own heart really shone through their words and attitudes and decisions. They are driven by the love of Christ in them, taking the risks necessary to show this love to people who do not know it. I so desire to follow long and hard after Christ as they do. There is absolutely nothing worth staying for here in America, in the light that there are people who have not heard the gospel in other lands. This brings me back to Bethany's thought: What is love without much risk? My answer would tend to be that it isn't love at all. Our example of love is God. And God risked His own Son so that we might know Him and know love. I do not mean to judge the level of one's love by the amount of risk involved. That is not the point at all. However, I do see appropriate to think about how much we are risking of ourselves to love others.

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