Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Hi friends. It's been too long since the last post. Sorry. This is partly due to the fact that not much has changed in regards to PNG. Still waiting to hear on the go-ahead or no-go from a certain family in regards to staying with them after the first six weeks at Interface. Still praying and waiting and trusting the Lord in this aspect. I think the Lord has been teaching me leaps and bounds about waiting. Over spring break, as most of you know, I heard back from Dallas Seminary and they want clarification on my education and how it will help ministry goals. I am in no-man's land about where I will be living in PNG during the month of July. Yes, there are thing that I can do about things such as these. I can write a letter of appeal. I can contact so-and-so. But I as I was praying through these thoughts I really just had a burden that the Lord was telling me to wait. To wait on Him and His perfect timing. I have been taught so much about God's sovereignty and speak of it often whether in counseling situations or conversation with friends, and now is the time for me to put it into action personally in my own life. So that's where the standing is with PNG. I am leaving from LA on May 20 and coming back to LA on July 19. What happens in between those times only the Lord knows.

On another note, I was catching up on Gunner's blog, and he posted the other day something quite intriguing: RA interview questions. Because they provoked so much thought in my own heart and I think you are more inclined to read them here than following a link to his page, I am re-posting them. These are not staple, run-of-the-mill questions, because they were not included in my own interview a year ago. That's the beauty of it. The RD's ask whatever is on their hearts that might expose the potential RA's heart to them. Read on and be challenged:

1. Are you hard to lead?
2. What are some things that you know well but you're not putting into practice?
3. Tell my why I should follow Christ.
4. How do you fight against apathy when you're consistently in a Christian environment?
5. Are there any fractured relationships in your life right now?
6. What makes you laugh?
7. How do the people around you know that you love them?
8. How do you think the Lord has humbled you the most over the past year?
9. How would you minister to people who are spiritually comfortable and who don't care about things of the Lord?
10. What have you risked for Christ?

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