Thursday, March 1, 2007

Lounge Duty

I do not ever recall meeting someone who enjoyed or looked forward to lounge duty. Here at The Master's College lounge duty includes the following responsibilities:

- be in the lounge 10pm to 2am
- keep it quiet during that time frame
- make sure PDA is kept to a minimum
- kick out people who are too loud or disobeying rules (watching movies w/external speakers is the most common)
- night runs: collecting curfew sign-ins at midnight
- imploring fines to those who come in late or forget to sign in (which is an adventure in and of itself)
- making sure the upstairs study lounge is kept library quiet at all times
- close both lounges (kick everyone out, clean up, rearrange furniture that has been moved, turn off lights) at 2am

I personally think that lounge duty is one of the more sanctifying experiences of my time here at Master's. As an RA, I have this responsibility every other week (praise Jesus for the co-ed dorm that we split responsibility with...otherwise we would have it every week). I knew of this duty going into the job, but I did not think it would be as stretching as it really is. Most nights are not difficult as far as keeping people calm and collected. Until the night that Hotchkiss men run in with their Super Soakers and proceed to empty them upon our lounge attendees here in C-Dub. Besides night runs and the possibility of someone not being here (and then having to track them down after they are over 45 minutes late), the hardest part is staying up until 2am. I am a person who functions best on 9 hours of sleep per night, and this is just not a reality on lounge duty nights. I once heard Piper speak on the topic of sleep. He commented that needing large(r) amounts of sleep is something he fights for, because he believes that he is less prone to sin when he has adequate sleep. I concur. It sure is a fight the next morning to wake up at a disciplined time, because my body wants more rest though it knows that I have a whole slew of things to get done that day. And I am more prone to napping in the afternoon, thus throwing off the sleep schedule for about a week. I have a bad attitude about lounge duty. It's pretty annoying when I am waiting for someone to leave the lounge at 2am and they just want "8 more minutes." Or when there are 7 people in the downstairs lounge, with a grand total of 1 actually doing something productive. Last year in chapel Joe made the comment that nothing good comes after 11pm. I am beginning to believe this more as I do lounge duty. I just want you to be in on a little part of my life. Jesus calls us to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. Now is the time to mourn. :) Really, though, God has allowed this process in my life so that I might rejoice in all things and fight my own desires and swear to my own hurt. Like I said, lounge duty is a sanctifying process. Then there are the nights when this happens, too (see picture above). Dave Hulet is our men's Resident Director. Yes, this is his car. Yes, it is in the lounge. Those nights of lounge duty just might be worth staying up for.

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