Sunday, March 4, 2007

Happy Birthday, Daddio

Today is Dad's 48th birthday. I have thought of reasons why I admire my poppio:

- he loves Jesus. Reilly, what else is there?
- he is adventurous. I credit my own liking to the great outdoors and desire to take the unbeaten path to all the times we went hiking as kids.
- he loves mom more than any other earthly thing. Not only has he set the example for men around him, but for his 4 daughters as well.
- he plays guitar. Pretty much anyone who can play guitar somewhat well is cool. He used to make up songs for us about chores or naptime or anything. In the old house, his guitar hung in the family room and he would play it quite frequently.
- he is a PE teacher to elementary students. I have watched my dad be a teacher in many different capacities, from high school to 5th grade. Because of things I have seen him endure as a teacher--things that most people are not aware of--I have no desire in me to be a teacher myself. He has an admirable job.
- he never wanted sons. This is rare among men, I know. I can distinctly remember dad talking about how he prayed the 4th baby was not a boy (this was before we found out it was a girl). Even our dog is a girl. Maybe dad never wanted the competition a son might bring. :) Now if you ask any of us girls, we've always wanted brothers.
- he can strike up a conversation with anyone. Dad is not a social person in the aspect that he goes out a lot or attends social events frequently. However, he is extremely social in the aspect that he can carry a conversation with anyone he meets, never allowing for awkward moments. Talking just comes naturally to him!
- he knows something about everything. Dad is the man to go to for a question about anything, whether it be the name of Paul Revere's horse or how to bud a tree. I know, right? Who really takes the time to study and read up on those things? Only dad. He could probably win Who Wants to be a Millionaire if he wanted.
- he is a servant. I think I learned servanthood from dad. When I learned about servanthood in the Bible (Philippians 2:1-18), I realized that this is the example that dad had been setting for me my whole life.
- he trains as a cage fighter. I know what you're thinking: "What?! Your dad is a cage fighter?" Allow me to explain. He started out in Olympic Style Taekwondo, and after obtaining an black belt and taking some years off to train for a cycling race, he got back into martial arts. But he wanted to study Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. So he goes 3-4 times a week to a gym and trains with guys who actually participate in real cage fights. They're a lot younger than 48.

Those are just some of the characteristics that I admire about my dad. He has been the most excellent father, husband, and leader to our family. I love him! Happy birthday dad!

Other friends who share this birthday: Chrislyn Wilder, Becca Boone, and Clinton Magee. Happy birthday, all!

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