Saturday, February 24, 2007

community day musings

Today I served alongside students from Master's in the canyon that we live in. ASB sets up a day that the students volunteer their Saturday mornings to do whatever the neighborhood residents need done. This morning we probably had 150-200 students go out, and my group of 4 went to a home around the corner. We helped take down a very nice play set that the family was donating to their daughter's school auction. Their children have outgrown it, so they'll let some lucky winner pay $500-$600 to the school for a nice playset. We were the ones taking it apart and setting it aside to be hauled off in the very near future. The family was extremely kind to us--the mom sent us off with three batches of cookies and we got to engage in some neat converstaion with their daughter who is looking at applying to various colleges. I walked away not really sure of their beliefs. They send the youngest daughter to Catholic school but do not attend Catholic--or any--church themselves. The mom offered her home to us whenever we might want to get off campus, and we left our phone numbers to babysit over a weekend sometime.
All this is leading up to the thought that, on the outside they appear to have everything together. Nice house, three cars, beautiful children, etc. And they are generous and kind, which is almost a rarity these times. And to some extent, they display fruits of the spirit. But they're all for selfish purposes, due to the sole fact that they are not associated with Christ. How do you convince or even begin to talk to someone in their position about total depravity, that they NEED a Savior? Do you just love on them and be their friend on a completely surface level and hope that conversation will "come up" accordingly? Personally, I tend to just check these people out of my mind. They know the truth and are choosing to ignore and not belive it. But I don't think this is how Jesus would do it.

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