Thursday, January 25, 2007

incommunicable love?

my dad has told me that a smile is the only universal gesture. how can such a simple flexing of the facial muscles speak volumes, yet without making a single noise? why does something that comes so naturally in most circumstances have to be forced in others? can receiving a single smile really turn someone's day completely around? does a single smile contain a certain amount of love--a love for the brethren?

in light of this, is love easier to communicate than what we make it out to be? i came home about a week ago from visiting a dear friend who had been admitted to a mental hospital for attempting suicide...twice. just between you and me (and anyone else reading this blog, i suppose), i really think she is crying out for love more than she is desiring to let go of life. i am certain that she just wants to live a life full of love. the kind of love that is unspoken, the kind of love that is naturally communicated, the kind of love that only those possessing Christ's love can display. but what does this look like when i am sitting in a white sterile room across an empty table from a young soul that probably does not know Jesus? is it helpful to tell her that God is sovereign and understands what she is going through? is it loving to say this? does she understand what it means to surrender to Christ and let Him love her? am i loving her by telling her? or do i just listen to what she has to say and offer a gentle crease at the corners of my mouth?

i know what is true about holy God and sinful me. i know that absolutely none of my circumstances changes God's goodness. and i pray that my heart's response would be praise and reflection upon God's promises if i were to be in a situation such as hers. but how do i communicate to her this same love that i know to be true? i have, in and of myself, only God's love to offer her. how do i get her to understand, accept and embrace this love?

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